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Key Nutrients Women Need for Good Health

Men and women have different health needs. Women tend to think more about their family obligations and work responsibilities than about taking care of their health. This is the wrong approach because health should be at the top of your priorities.

You can’t take care of others if your own health is low. When you put your health first, it helps you make healthier choices about everything else in your life.

A Healthy Diet

The foundation of good health is a healthy eating plan. Vitamins and minerals are an important part of building strong bones and muscle tissue. You should eat a diet rich in protein (beef, chicken, fish) healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, cheese) fruits and vegetables, and whole grains to get adequate amounts of the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy body.

Plenty of Fluids

You also need plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. The body needs water to plump up the layers of skin tissue and to keep your blood circulating as it should. There is a recommendation for 8 to 10 glasses of water daily but you can determine your own needs and consume the amount that feels right to you. One sign of dehydration is wrinkled fingertips. If the pads of your fingers look like they do after taking a bath you need to drink more water. Your hydration needs will change throughout your life and what is adequate now may not be enough then.

Essential Nutrients and Osteoporosis

Vitamin D and calcium are two important nutrients for bone health. Calcium is responsible for building and maintaining healthy bones. Vitamin D speeds up calcium absorption in the gut. It also helps women retain lean muscle mass over time. Osteoporosis is a condition caused by too little calcium intake and can result in brittle bones. It is estimated that 1 in 3 women are more likely to incur fractures (bone breaks) caused by osteoporosis. This was thought to be a condition that only affected older women but it can affect women of any age.

If you’re worried about getting enough calcium and Vitamin D in your diet, you can supplement with high-quality nutrients with Complete Essentials™ Daily Packs. It is rich in calcium and provides nearly 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 per capsule. You can split them between am and pm packs.


Creatine is a substance found in the muscles. It is used by athletes because it increases muscle mass, strength, and maximizes athletic performance. It is taken as a supplement to increase the amount of creatine in the body’s stores. It is stored in the muscles, brain, kidneys, and liver in the form of phosphocreatine. Why is this important for women? Increasing the amount of Phosphocreatine in the brain may improve brain health and prevent certain neurological diseases.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are an important nutrient for women. It supports heart health, lowers blood pressure, reduces plaque formation in the arteries, reduces the risk of heart attack, and lowers triglyceride levels. The American Heart Association recommends two servings of fish per week as a source of EPA and DHA for adults. Unfortunately, many don’t get enough of this nutrient and are considerably low in their intake.

Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is important for good health. Exercise helps increase blood circulation to the brain, heart, and muscles and helps reduce the risk of disease and helps with weight management. Weight training activities are especially good for women in building and strengthening bones and muscles.

Following a good plan for health will ensure that your bones and muscles have the nutrients needed for growth and the brain and heart are strong and healthy as well. Eating a healthy diet, adding vitamins and supplements, and incorporating physical activity are all good ways to maintain your health.

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