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Will a Cleanse Help Detox My Gut?

One of the best ways to get a jump start on your health is to start a 7-day cleanse. It helps to reset the gut and balance your blood sugar and it’s a great way to start living healthier. Starting a cleanse will rest all of your body systems and change how you look at food. Here is how to detoxify your system and begin a life of healthy habits:

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis and those toxins can build up in our system. They can be absorbed through the skin, consumed in food or drink, and inhaled through breathing. Our body’s are constantly processing toxins from one form or another. The body does this on it’s own but it is very taxing on the system. In this state, you can often feel tired or weak and in need of a refresh. Detoxing is the act of eliminating toxins that are stored up in the body waiting to be processed.

Detoxing the body can help you rehydrate and clean your system of unhealthy elements. How do you do this? By eating super clean and staying well-hydrated. The Shaklee cleanse supplement can help your body detox naturally and speed up the process of elimination.

Another great benefit of a cleanse is balancing your blood sugar levels. The GI tract keeps down inflammation, supports the immune system, absorbs nutrients from the food we eat, and keeps our energy balanced. Oftentimes this system can be thrown off-balance by stress and other factors. Emotional and mental stress are two culprits of this.

Another could be eating unhealthy, processed foods, not eating enough fiber, not drinking enough fluids, constipation, too much caffeine and alcohol consumption, antibiotics in animal protein, and dozens of others. The goal of the cleanse is to give your GI system a break and refuel it with the key nutrients to support its healthy flora. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, and probiotics is a great way to let your system relax and recharge. Eating more fiber from fruits and vegetables will help stabilize your energy and improve your blood sugar levels.

An added benefit of a reset is that your habits and your taste buds change for the better. We’ve all had those food cravings in the middle of the night for salty, sweet, or fried foods. These cravings are actually just habits that our body and brain have become accustomed to over time. Our body has gotten used to eating these things on a regular basis and when they stop coming it results in a food craving. The benefit of the cleanse is that these habits are completely changed and your body

and the brain have to learn new, healthier habits. This is the perfect opportunity to change the food your body craves.

Maybe you’re used to eating ice cream or chips after dinner. Instead of unhealthy foods, replace them with better options like a piece of fruit or bowl of berries. You still get the sweetness your body is craving without the unhealthy processes. After a while your brain will begin to associate cravings with healthier options.

Also, when we reduce the amount of salt or sugar in our diets, our taste buds become more sensitive to it. Things we used to eat regularly will taste too salty, sweet, or unpleasant. You can cut down on the amount of salt and sugar in recipes and eventually this will become the new normal for your body.

A cleanse is only 7 days in duration and you will greatly benefit from doing it. If you want to begin a new healthier lifestyle, better food choices, more exercise, and the occasion system break (like a cleanse) can go a long way towards a healthier you.

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