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Boost Your Immune Health With Healthy Habits

More and more consumers are becoming aware of their health and how it affects everything that they do on a daily basis. Health is critical to your overall well-being and mental processes. Here are 5 things you can do everyday to boost your immune health.

What Things Affect Your Immune System?

Your immune system is a complex mechanism that works in combination with other systems in the body to encompass overall health. To get a better understanding of the immune system we’ll look at some key parts of the immune system itself.

Parts of the immune system include:

● Spleen

● Thymus

● Antibodies

● Bone marrow

● White blood cells

● Lymph nodes and vessels

● Complement cascade

Another part of immunity is other parts of the body that relate to immune health.

  1. Skin: The skin serves as an invisible barrier to germs and microbes. The oil in our skin has antibacterial properties.

  2. The lungs. The lungs have small, hair-like structures lining the lungs and trap dust particles that are then expelled through coughing or sneezing. It keeps pathogens out of the lungs.

  3. The digestive tract. Digestive fluids or acid in the stomach effectively kill microbes, and the lining of the gut contains antibodies against germs and disease. Many foreign particles are processed and excreted in urine or feces.

  4. Body fluids. Saliva, tears, and body oil contain antibacterial properties that reduce the risk of infection.

Here Are the Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Immune Health:

Get better nutrition - eat the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables every day for optimum health. Eat more nuts, grains, and fish and choose supplements like OmegaGuard®. Adding a scoop of Organic Greens Booster to shakes, soups, and other recipes is an easy way to make sure you get enough nutrition in your diet.

Drink a Minimum of 64 oz. of water each day. Staying hydrated keeps your body systems working properly and you skin looking fresh. It plumps the skin making the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles less prominent.

Never skip meals. To stay energized for an active lifestyle, you must keep healthy energy levels. Maintaining your energy levels keeps blood sugar stable and your body better adapted to fighting off germs and disease. If you don’t have time to eat, don’t skip a meal. Instead, use Life Shake™ as a meal replacement because it contains 20 grams of protein plus vitamins, minerals, fiber, and digestive enzymes.

Don’t forget about antioxidants. Research has found that antioxidants like blueberries, dark chocolate, strawberries, beans, kale, spinach, and etc. play a key role in helping the body manage inflammation. Include foods high in antioxidants in your diet whenever possible. Getting all of your daily nutrients is the key to supporting your immune system. One way to make sure you’re getting your antioxidants daily is to take Life-Strip® every day. It supports the immune system with powerful antioxidants and nutrients.

Get active. Being active does a lot for our bodies and mind. It’s great for beating stress and keeping our digestive system on track. Just a 10 minute walk per day in the sunshine is all you need. If you don’t have an area where you can walk, you can do jumping jacks, workout to a fitness video, or do yoga. It helps your immune system and aids in healthy sleep.

Stay positive. With the world as it is it can be hard to keep a positive outlook. It is challenging sometimes to see the bright side of things or plan for a time when things are different. But staying positive and lowering your stress will help you in more ways than one. Try doing some mindful meditation for 10 minutes each day. Turn off the TV an hour before you pan to go to bed to allow your body to wind down. Try to surround yourself with positive images and upbeat people to keep the positive vibe going.

That all there is to it. It is so simple and takes only a few minutes of your time every day. Now that you know how important it is and how easy it is to implement, make this a part of your new healthy habit.

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