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How Legal and Identity Theft Protection Benefit Employees

Having a legal and identity theft protection plan in place can offer peace of mind in uncertain times for employees and others. This is one of the best benefits an employer can offer since it covers so many things that can pop up unexpectedly. Having a plan allow you to focus on the things that are important right now like family and work.

Why Do Employees Need a Legal Services Plan?

A legal services plan allows employees to take a proactive approach in safeguarding their assets and assists with some of life’s most common legal matters. It can help with things like Wills and Estates, POA, Landlord/Tenant Law, Real Estate Law, Consumer Finance and more. With LegalShield, employees can navigate the daily uncertainties caused by COVID-19 with less stress and aggravation.

Why Do Employees Need an Identity Theft Protection Plan?

During a crisis like COVID-19, criminals seem to come out of the woodwork. Since we have been instructed to stay at home, more people are turning to the internet for work, shopping, and entertainment. Identity thieves take advantage of the fact that people access the Internet now more than they did before and work even harder to steal people’s information. Warn your employees to look out for fraud and online scams, while you provide them with a valuable identity theft protection from IDShield.

Common Frauds to Avoid During the COVID-19 Pandemic Include:

● Charitable solicitation fraud

● Contractor/vendor fraud

● Price gouging

● Property insurance fraud

● Forgery

● Unknown health products

● Malicious website URLs

● Emails containing malicious links

Benefits of an Identity Theft Protection Plan from IDShield

  1. IDShield monitors online privacy, identifying any potential hacks and sending an immediate alert.

  2. IDShield provides internet and Dark Web monitoring for any suspicious occurrences involving Personally Identifiable

  3. Information (PII) and will send an alert if a discrepancy is found.

  4. IDShield provides a monthly credit score tracker.

  5. IDShield provides consultation and education on common scams, including charitable scams and others listed above.

  6. IDShield provides full-service identity restoration by a team of dedicated licensed private investigators.

IDShield offers your employees peace of mind when working, shopping, or performing other tasks online. It’s one of the best benefits you can offer as an employer.

Your company will be secure, and your employees will thank you for it.


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